Success principle #3- The Active Decision

By Bob Kalle


         The third principle Andrews talks about is The Active Decision. This means that when you are faced with a decision, do something. Make a decision. Action is always better than inaction. When we act, it opens the door for something good to happen. If we do not act, what good can come of that choice?

.        I was reminded of the story of Moses. I was 60 years old and starting to think my life was winding down.  I didn’t think about the fact that I had learned more from the age of 40 to the age of 60 than before 40. I was not thinking about how I read more books, studied more principles, listened to more successful people or simply talked to people about success and leadership.

        And then the story of Moses hit me square in the eyes. Up to the age of 40, he was an honored member of the royal family. He was well educated and had all the privileges that his place of honor afforded him. And then in protecting a fellow Hebrew, he killed an Egyptian. So he ran for his life. We next see him as a shepherd. But not just a shepherd, but an 80 year old shepherd. Forty years had passed. And then God spoke to him from a burning bush. God was sending him back to Egypt to free the Hebrews. Moses thought that he was a bit too old and was not eloquent enough to meet with Pharaoh. But God told him what to do and Moses took action. What inspired me was that Moses led his people for the next 40 years! He was 120 when his task was complete. I figured that I was not done yet. There just was more for me to accomplish.

         One of the ways to get out of a depression is to take action. Work out and get the endorphins flowing. Work on a project that you want to complete little by little. That progress will make you feel better, will get you one step closer to success and will not leave time to think about why you might be depressed. This may not be the whole story, but it may help.

         A final thought about taking action. In the last section, I mentioned that knowledge is not wisdom, but knowledge with action is wisdom. So the concept of taking action directly relates to the concept of wisdom. And again, for more depth, take a look at Andrews’s book the Seven Decisions. By the way, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. So start with one step today toward your goals. It is not a matter of whether you will get there, it is just a matter of time.

        So what step did you take today to reach your goals or to become the best version of yourself?

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