Spiritual Principle #19- Seek Wisdom

By Bob Kalle

Blessed is the man who finds wisdom,

The man who gains understanding,

For she is more profitable than silver,

and yields better returns than gold.   Pr 3:13-14

The book of the Bible called Proverbs is all about gaining wisdom. It gives short passages that we can relate to in everyday life. What is neat is that you can read two to four lines and walk away with something to think about all day in your personal and professional lives. It is a great place to read since you can read a small bit each day and apply it immediately. The book is arranged in 31 chapters, so another way to read it is by covering a chapter a day. Not too much for anyone. It allows us to absorb the wisdom of Proverbs any way we choose.

Swindoll has a book called “Living the Proverbs” where he breaks down many of the proverbs in the bible. I have read it a number of times to give me more insight into the passages. But here is the key. Wisdom is not just knowledge. Wisdom is knowledge and action. If you know what to do but fail to do it, it is not considered a good thing. One of the concepts we struggle with every day is doing the right thing. We know what we should do, but something holds us back. We might ignore a task or just decide not to do what needs to be done. We all want to be comfortable, but sometimes the wisdom is to do what we rather not do.

Do you find yourself in a position where you have the knowledge, but not the action? Do you chase wisdom and make it part of your lives? Let me know what you think?

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About the Author

Bob lives in Florida with his wife and loves to write about parenting, personal development, spirituality, and life. He has a PhD in Social Psychology and loves building his Network Marketing business!