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Welcome to my Website. 

I'm glad you took the time to check this website out. You are currently on the home page which describes a little bit about what I am doing.

After some thought, I realized that what I like to do is read, write about what I read and teach what I learned from reading and experience. Since I am at that point is life where I can choose to do whatever I want to do, this is it. The website will be a place for me to write blogs based on successful principles in the areas of parenting, leadership, personal growth, relationships and spirituality. I will periodically add these principles to the blog pages that are in the next section of the website. 

Much of what I will write is based on the wisdom experts have shared. I am just sharing it with you.

I will also add thoughts for the day on the home page. These will be snippets of wisdom that people can enjoy and think about for the day. Again, I can read about something or experience something and then bring it to you to think about.

I intend to turn these blogs about principles into newsletters, mini-books and even seminars based on the wisdom I learn. These will be available for anyone that wants to read them. We are also working on a book on autism where moms and dads can write letters about their experiences with their children on the spectrum. And we might have a book on parenting that can be gotten from the website.

So sit back, read a bit, and enjoy what we bring to you.

Have a Blessed Day.

Newly Released Book: Deathworld by Robert J. Kalle

Deathworld is a young adult horror novel that is set in the future where there is no more war or disease. The USA has decided on a means of population control that is controversial. Once a youth reaches eighteen and graduates from high school, they are put in a draft lottery that chooses ten thousand youths a day to attend the theme park Deathworld, and one hundred will die. The main character, Jesse, has ADD and has faced many challenges through his life. His selection to attend the park is the most important test of his life. Not only is his life in danger, but the lives of his twin sister and two other students from his school are at risk as well. Using his ability to focus and decode puzzles, Jesse manages to help the group avoid all the major pitfalls until the last required ride where tragedy strikes. Wracked by guilt and grief, Jesse does the one thing he knows how to do—hack. He digs into the history of the creation of the Deathworld, the inner workings of the park, and the qualifications/motivations of the park's creator. Through his investigations, he discovers the true nefarious purposes of the park. Jesse and his friends vow to take down both the director and the murderous park. He creates a plan that brings him face-to-face with the director of the park and the greatest challenge of his life.

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