Hi I'm Bob,

I'm Here to Change The World...

One Life at a Time!

Welcome to my Website. 

I'm glad you took the time to check this website out. You are currently on the home page which describes a little bit about what I am doing.

After some thought, I realized that what I like to do is read, write about what I read and teach what I learned from reading and experience. Since I am at that point is life where I can choose to do whatever I want to do, this is it. The website will be a place for me to write blogs based on successful principles in the areas of parenting, leadership, personal growth, relationships and spirituality. I will periodically add these principles to the blog pages that are in the next section of the website. 

Much of what I will write is based on the wisdom experts have shared. I am just sharing it with you.

I will also add thoughts for the day on the home page. These will be snippets of wisdom that people can enjoy and think about for the day. Again, I can read about something or experience something and then bring it to you to think about.

I intend to turn these blogs about principles into newsletters, mini-books and even seminars based on the wisdom I learn. These will be available for anyone that wants to read them. We are also working on a book on autism where moms and dads can write letters about their experiences with their children on the spectrum. And we might have a book on parenting that can be gotten from the website.

So sit back, read a bit, and enjoy what we bring to you.

Have a Blessed Day.

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